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 Boulder County Meditation Circle

1430 Nelson Rd, Suite 201, Longmont

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Boulder County Meditation Circle, Newsletter 

1430 Nelson Rd, Suite 201, Longmont, CO 80503 

June - September 2019

“Those who know the technique of God-communion can find Him in the company of other devout spiritual persons who know the secret of meditation… When one who has discovered the universal way to freedom communes with God by scientific, continually progressive methods of meditation in the company of other deeply meditating devotees, he develops Self-realization through mutual help.”  

  - Paramahansa Yogananda -

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 Go Deeper: Meditate with other devotees

Devotees of Paramahansa Yogananda know that they benefit greatly by meditating daily, ever deeper, ever more intensely. However, many of us find it an ongoing challenge even to keep that daily appointment, not to mention meditating deeper every day. What can we do to encourage practice that is more consistent?  Master has the answer: Meditate with other devotees! 

Each of us shares in and benefits from the spiritual energy in a chapel full of meditating devotees. We boost each other’s spiritual efforts and discover that the benefits of meditating together each week carry over into the rest of the week.  

Please join us for our Sunday morning services. The 8:30 a.m. Meditation Service features a full hour of silent meditation, preceded by a brief inspirational reading and a chant. The 10 a.m. Reading Service consists mainly of readings from the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, as well as periods of chanting and silent meditation. The service concludes with the World-Wide Circle of Prayer healing ritual. 

All are welcome, bring a friend!

Margaret Guthrie’s passing

Margaret Guthrie, 90, a long-time devotee and member of Boulder County Meditation Circle, left her body April 26 at her home in Estes Park. For nearly 35 years, Margaret drove every week from Estes Park to attend BCMC services. Margaret served BCMC and Paramahansaji in other ways as a reader, corresponding secretary, and treasurer. Above all, Margaret’s dedication, wise counsel, friendship, and example inspired others in their sadhana. We will miss her greatly, but feel joy in knowing she is with Master. 

Financial Update: Thank you for your support! 

Member generosity sustains our beautiful sacred chapel in Longmont. Thank you! The good news is that we continue to meet our financial obligations to keep our chapel up and running.  Since moving to Longmont, the lower rent has allowed BCMC better plan for “rainy days”, and donations always help.  

At BCMC, we are all volunteers and rely on volunteer help for everything ¾ readers, flower arranging*, cleaning, book table, and managing accounts. 

Donations - We pass a donation basket during the Reading Service to support our chapel. If you attend the silent meditation service only and wish to donate, a donation basket can be found to the left of the altar, and another is located on the table just inside the reading room.  

Commemorative service donations are tithed to Mother Center. All donations during commemorative services and during Easter and Christmas services are sent to Mother Center for the dissemination of Master’s teachings, as are any checks made out to Self-Realization Fellowship or SRF. However, if you wish to donate to BCMC during those services, write “BCMC” on the envelope or make the check payable to Boulder Meditation Circle, or BCMC, and it will be used to support our chapel.  

Donations are not required - If you are unable to contribute financially, please be assured you are welcome and encouraged to attend all services. You contribute greatly by your fellowship and by meditating and praying with us. 

Our finances are transparent. If you have any questions about BCMC donations or expenses, please ask Kathy King, Scott Crossen, or Alice Feinstein. Or, better yet, attend our regularly scheduled business meetings. We welcome everyone’s participation. 

*Flowers for Master 

The BCMC Flower Team needs volunteer support this summer. Members of the team are responsible for the beautiful fresh flower arrangements that you see each week on the altars, and in front of Master’s pictures. This summer three of the four members of the team will be traveling. If you are able to step in—even for a weekend or two during the summer—it would be greatly appreciated. If you’d like to volunteer for a permanent position on the team, that would be even better. Please contact Flower Team leader, Claudia Murphy, at 303-449-3188 or, for more information. 


Blessings and peace from the Boulder County Meditation Circle