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 Boulder County Meditation Circle

1430 Nelson Rd, Suite 201, Longmont

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Boulder County Meditation Circle, Newsletter 

1430 Nelson Rd, Suite 201, Longmont, CO 80503 

October - January 2020

“If your spiritual progress is at a standstill, or is ebbing, the practice of meditating on God or on any of the Great Ones, in the company of other devotees, will uplift you from your precarious state. The proximity of others’ spiritual vibrations has the power of raising your own. Meditating with other devotees thus helps you quicken your evolution. They inspire you on your climb up the ladder of Self-realization; and you, by your example, can also be helpful to them.” 

- Paramahansa Yogananda - 

  Gold leaf


Boost your spiritual fervor 

We know that daily meditation forms the foundation of our spiritual practice. Most of us will hit the proverbial wall where it feels like we’re making little or no progress in our spiritual evolution. or possibly even backing up. What can we do?

Our beloved Guru knows the problems his devotees experience on the path of Self-Realization. Whether its stagnancy, a lack of motivation, or the sense we are not progressing, Guru offers peerless guidance on how best to overcome these types of difficulties. Per Master’s wisdom above, he advises meditating regularly with other devotees to help rise above troubles we experience. That’s why he encouraged devotees to form local meditation groups and circles, such as Boulder County Meditation Circle. That is our purpose and why we maintain a chapel in Longmont. While we enjoy each other’s company and value our spiritual association, we derive the most benefit through our group meditations. We each benefit from the vibrational boost found in meditating with our fellow devotees. This energy is for sharing.

Sign Up for the New Spiritual Lessons 

Another way to boost your spiritual ardor, if you have not yet done so, is consider signing up for the new Lessons from Self-Realization Fellowship. The new Lessons have been expanded, filled with inspiration, and include Master’s writings and in-person talks to his students from 1934 until his Mahasamadhi in 1952.  Even long-time students, who have finished the 7-Steps of the older versions of the Lessons, are finding new inspiration and enthusiasm for our spiritual practice in the new Lessons. They’re awesome. For more information, you can request a copy of the Introduction to the new Lessons at Mother Center’s website: www.yogananda.org or by writing to Self-Realization Fellowship, 3880 San Rafael Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90065. 

Winter snow is coming - BE SAFE!  


As we enter the cool autumn days of the year, we know that snow is not far away. Boulder County Meditation Circle rarely cancels services due to the weather, but we do have a policy:  


Stay safe! If you look out the window and the roads feel unsafe to you, please do meditate at home!  


Check your email: We’ll keep an eye on the weather report. If a bad storm is predicted, we’ll likely cancel services and will send an announcement the day before services via email to our full membership. If an unpredicted storm comes up, necessitating a last minute cancellation, we’ll do our best to send an email no later than 7 a.m. of that day.

Blessings and peace from the Boulder County Meditation Circle