“God’s love is the great unifying, strengthening force–the singular divine cosmic force that unifies in this diversified universe.  Let us all live and serve in that consciousness–meditate, love and help one another.  Through our efforts to live the spiritual ideals taught by our Guru, we shall surely and steadily grow in the consciousness of God’s love and help to spread that light in a world sorely in need.  To all of you who have contributed to this divine cause, we offer our abiding gratitude.” Sri Mrinalini Mata  

- Pledge Form -


of Self Realization Fellowship 


Please complete this form and help support our expenses for the Boulder Meditation Circle’s chapel. We ask for your response to this pledge drive by February 15th, 2012. We also ask that if possible, you include your first month's pledge check made out to BMC when you return your pledge form. You may mail it to the address below or place it in our Circle’s collection basket the next time you attend a service.


I can help support the expenses and increased costs of a new meditation chapel for the Boulder Meditation Circle by pledging:


Name: _________________________________

Street: _________________________________

City: _____________________  Zip: _________

Phone: ___________________ (optional)


$________ every month         $________ bi-monthly           $________ every week                        $________ other


Please specify the length of your pledge: 1 year _____; 6 mo _____; 3 mo _____; One time donation; _____







Please snail-mail to;  

 Alice Feinstein 

 13365 Fawn Court 

 Broomfield, CO 80020 


With blessings, and deepest appreciation, 


The Boulder Meditation Circle 

of Self Realization Fellowship